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The City

April 23, 2021

One of the projects, I've been involved in, required some sort of city blocks with building, streets and cars. I've decided to use 'lego' approach and build everything from reusable basic elements. That, among the other things, allows to do simple parametric animation without too many keyframes.

Vlnena visualization

March 9, 2021

I've been asked to create opening scene for something that actually does not exist yet. So instead of real footage of a real building, I've decided to use Google maps and some 3D renders to build it in my own way. ;-)

Pour Feliciter 2021

December 15, 2020

PF 2021
Why just write or draw Pour Feliciter card when one can animate it? So all the best for 2021 and enjoy Christmas!

Intelligent cabinet configurator

Intelligent cabinet configurator

July 29, 2020

See the resulting interactive app

One of pretty complex projects I've done at work. The interactive configurator for Intelligent cabinets allows not just view, but also change options and settings. This is what I ususally do at Zebra Technologies.

Wedding Wedding Wedding Wedding

Unexpected wedding

May 25, 2020

Even small weddings can mean a lot of fun. Especially when your not attending is the wedding photographer, instead you can make casual photos with interesting results. The freedom of doing photos how I want, and not within the confines of a traditional wedding shoot, is often amazing. I'm pretty satisfied with the results so far.

Tales from the wood

April 8, 2020

My son got a really nice fairytale book as christmas present. Beautifuly drawn dwarves inspired me to do this short video...

animated gif

Abstract motion

Feb 19, 2020

Some projects can be really short. This one took not more that 15 minutes. I sometimes enjoy such simple things and do something without plan. To visualize the idea that just came to my mind...

Chinese garden tutorial

Jan 26, 2020

After seeing my Tiny tree project, some people has asked me how to actually do that. Since I've been thinking about some tutorial anyways, this is a good opportunity to create one. So here it is. My very first one in my life. Since this is the first try, I REALLY APPRECIATE ANY COMMENTS/FEEDBACK LEFT ON YOUTUBE.

Tree in the bottle

Tiny trees

Jan 1, 2020

I wanted to test the hair rendering possibilities and it ended up in something much bigger. I actually don't know why, but to create something that looks organic and living in 3D satisfy me a lot. So from time to time, I create a tree, grass, strange plant or tiny Chinese bamboo garden in a bowl. Just for fun.

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Afterlunch fun

Jan 20, 2019

How to improve the video footage? What to add to make it more living and not so static? One of the answers is what I call 'animated simple assets'. The goal was to develop simple, art-directable ways to show generic graphs and other simple movements. At the end, it took me like 10 minutes to setup each of those. The approach is parametric, allowing to change frequency, amplitude and sometimes even more by changing just one or two parameters which makes it reusable in many projects. All those are made in Cinema4D with moGraph effectors. Sometimes, I like to think about C4D in terms of 2D.

Red Baron project

Red Baron interactive project

Nov 12, 2018

See the resulting interactive app

Being an airplane enthusiast, I decided to build my very own Fokker Dr I. Since I do not have the funds to build it as a real plane, I've decided to do a 3D model. (but hey, I can make my very own Manfred von Richthofen as well :-) ). It took me several nights to create a model. Getting detailed plans has been harder than I expected (especially engine parts, elevator control wires, cockpit ...) so I had to eyeball some details and textures. Also I spent some time rigging movable parts with pilot movements - elevators and ailerons.

The last step has been to export the model to UNITY and program mouse view controls for the interactive app. Unfortunately, WebGL technology is not supported by IE browser (IE is considered as obsolete, users should switch to its successor MS Edge). Also, WebGL is not as stable as I would like it to be so I'm hoping for improvements in this field soon. Overall, it took several evenings and some nights but it's been great fun.